Illnesses and sporadic posting 

I've been sick these past three days, and I was sick for a few weeks last month or so. I am not entirely convinced my illness last month wasn't the swing flu. There was the upper respiratory component to it, but as poor as I am, I couldn't see the doctor, so nothing was confirmed.

The worst thing about being sick this time was that I kept waking up in the middle of the night with a tremendous headache, parched throat, and an inability to fall asleep again. This afternoon I took a four hour nap. My appetite is returning and my headache isn't as bad, so I think I am feeling a little better.

Aside from illnesses, I've been doing the same things I've always been doing: watching television, surfing the internet, drawing when I feel like it, and working when I can. My parents went on vacation recently, so I was also taking care of the farm, feeding animals and making sure the place doesn't burn down.

School is my last piece of unfinished business. I have a calendar I am working on for the art gallery that I need to finish. I will try to go to school and work on it tomorrow. It will depend on how I am feeling I think. I need to send my instructor a PDF of the calendar as it is now, get her revisions, get the template from the printer, and push the damn thing out the door. The project has dragged on far longer than it had to, partially because the artists wouldn't send their pictures to me fast enough, but mostly because I take too long with everything.

I will try to write more often. I had a chance to look at my previous blog posts from several years back, and it seems that I am always apologizing for not posting earlier. I guess I feel like I should posting every week or so, but maybe I should I accept the fact that blogging is just a sporadic thing.

14 July 2009
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