Motivation and Perspective 

This morning, I got up and cleaned my house. Starting with the sink full of dishes, I moved through one end of the apartment to the other, ending up with four loads of laundry. I'll be honest. I haven't felt very much motivated to do much of anything. My comic has not seen a single update in over a month; ideas for it are hard to come by. My pile of work has not diminished appreciably for the last several months. And there have been too many days this month that I have spent in bed, not able to get out of the house until 9:00 p.m. So while it may not seem all that noteworthy to have cleaned my house, it really is.


While washing my laundry, but before my short hike to the grocery store, I ran into one of the staff here at student housing. He was a middle-aged man, wearing a white t-shirt and brown pants. He appeared to be rather bored pushing his cart of cleaning supplies around the laundry room, but as I loaded my clothes into one of the washers, he suddenly asked me if I had heard any recent news about Hurricane Rita and if it had hit the coast of Texas yet. I told him that I had heard on CNN that the storm was downgraded to a Category 3, but that was about all I knew. He began telling me about the meeting the student housing staff had recently. Apparently, our Governor had told all the state agencies they should be prepared to accommodate the evacuees from the recent Southern hurricanes. Consequently, as the cleaning guy wiped down the dryers, he elaborated that this meant our State school was already housing an 82 year old man in the one of the student housing apartments. Maybe, there would be more to come. If I understood correctly, this elderly man apparently lives very across the street from me. The cleaning guy said that he had a conversation with him where the old man stated that if he didn't see Louisiana again, it would be too soon. There are many levels to this whole thing, and I really feel for the old guy, but I am glad he is safe. I wonder how he feels to be living in a neighborhood that consists primarily of twenty-somethings.

The old guy's problems helps me keep some perspective on the personal troubles I have been having lately. No matter how bad thins are, there are always some who may have it a little worse. At least I have an apartment, live close to friends and family, and have a relatively defined plan for the future. This old guy has to start completely over.

23 September 2005

Watching Whales 

Just this last week, a really close and dear friend invited me to spend some time with her and her brother on the Oregon Coast. I really had a nice time overall, especially gettting to see my friend again and talk with her about various things. I was/have been in a low mood for the last several months and this trip really went some ways to help perk me up a bit. It was really great of her to invite me. One of the coolest things that we wound up doing as a group was going on a whale watching tour on the boat you see below.

Whale Watching

Once on the boat--really just a fishing trawler--and among a group of about twenty people, we left the harbor and sailed out underneathe the large Newport bridge. Although they advised us that we may not see any whales because the fog was a little thick, once out on the sea we found that the fog had cleared up. Despite the sea being largely calm, it was interesting to note how the ocean in the harbor, the ocean just off of the coast, and the ocean miles away from the coast really had a different quality of waves. The slow, almost directionless, rocking of the ocean ten miles out impressed me. It was as if, while driving on a highway, a collection of small hills would be sliding underneath your car with a gentle rythym. It took more looking than was originally planned, but we finally saw about four humpback whales spouting and fluking out in the sun painted water. We could only spend about twenty minutes with the whales before heading back, but as a confirmed land lubber, I have to say that it was really neat. Everyone, except for maybe the captain and the crew, were pretty excited. I would recommend these guys again [Newport Tradewinds] just because they really seemed to work hard finding a whale for us to look at. I am super grateful to my friend for inviting me along. I just wish I had brought my camera.

16 September 2005

A Month 

A whole month has gone by without a post on the blog here. Everyone who knows me can guess the reasons why; let it suffice to say that it is the same old "boring" reasons as before, maybe combined with blog fatigue. I haven't really figured out what I should be writing about here.

In any event, I managed to clean my whole apartment today, including the bathroom. (Abandon hope all ye who enter therein...) Things had gotten to a point where it was hard to move around my living room without stepping on something that most people would rather not step on. The only thing left undone in the cleaning department is half a sink full of dishes. I figured it was best to let them soak, and if you saw them, you would think so too. And I finally did laundry, although thanks to a dryer that had no heat, it took me longer than I wanted. I even walked to the grocery store, combining some needed exercise with a shopping chore I was putting off.

Buddy the Cat

Blah, blah, blah. I know that this should sound like a normal work day for an average person, but considering where I have been at lately, this has been quite an achievement. I have actually spent a couple days during the last month or so laying in bed and acquainting myself with the various features of my bedroom ceiling, not really feeling motivated to do much else besides watch television coverage of the hurricane disaster. On the plus side careerwise, I've been reading some school books. And generally I've been working on becoming a better person overall. More on all of this later, I suppose. However, I figured it was time for a blog check in. Enjoy the picture of the cat.

02 September 2005