A Month 

A whole month has gone by without a post on the blog here. Everyone who knows me can guess the reasons why; let it suffice to say that it is the same old "boring" reasons as before, maybe combined with blog fatigue. I haven't really figured out what I should be writing about here.

In any event, I managed to clean my whole apartment today, including the bathroom. (Abandon hope all ye who enter therein...) Things had gotten to a point where it was hard to move around my living room without stepping on something that most people would rather not step on. The only thing left undone in the cleaning department is half a sink full of dishes. I figured it was best to let them soak, and if you saw them, you would think so too. And I finally did laundry, although thanks to a dryer that had no heat, it took me longer than I wanted. I even walked to the grocery store, combining some needed exercise with a shopping chore I was putting off.

Buddy the Cat

Blah, blah, blah. I know that this should sound like a normal work day for an average person, but considering where I have been at lately, this has been quite an achievement. I have actually spent a couple days during the last month or so laying in bed and acquainting myself with the various features of my bedroom ceiling, not really feeling motivated to do much else besides watch television coverage of the hurricane disaster. On the plus side careerwise, I've been reading some school books. And generally I've been working on becoming a better person overall. More on all of this later, I suppose. However, I figured it was time for a blog check in. Enjoy the picture of the cat.

02 September 2005
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