Spring Break Respite 

Well, if you were following from the last post, I did call my ISP, and after about ten minutes of back and forth on the phone, it looks like the problem was that the cordless phone on the desk next to the accursed modem was way too close and interfering with the wireless Internet signal. So, note to self, the cordless phone and the wireless Internet modem are mortal enemies. The phone, since it is not attached the computer, was consequently banished to another room and the problems have been dramatically less.

Problems with school are also over, at least for the next or so. I've really been having a lot of problems with one of my instructors, problems not over the work that I have actually been doing, but over his teaching methodologies which, in my view, are focused on the complete wrong thing. I've broken out in a mild case of hives (seriously) because of the stress induced by that course. Right now, I am in that limbo between the end of finals and the day they release the final grades, and I really hope that I do well. But this term was more of a struggle than most. I've been bouncing between a philosophical "what-does-it-really-matter" attitude and a worry that slowly encroaches on that equanimity.

My Cat in the Snow

Regardless of what happens on Tuesday (which is when I assume the grades will be released), I am looking forward to relaxing on this week of spring break. I'm very relieved that I won't have to worry turning in assignments for which I have no enthusiasm or meeting some instructor's slightly out-of-touch demands. I do need to register for next term. And I might try to do in the next couple of days, but only if the spirit strikes. One of the things that I thought I might do is work on my neglected webcomic during this break. While I managed to make 100 posts on it, no small accomplishment in the field of amateur comics, the last one was posted in early July of last year. In any event, this next week's time for myself to recharge will be a nice change of pace.

21 March 2008
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