Notes about Nothing 

It's been quite awhile since I have last posted here. I think that part of the reason is that I'm not sure what to write about anymore because, I guess, that the usual amount of whining I do on here is beginning to wear on even me. How many posts can I write where I talk about my daily difficulties in getting things done, or my being behind in due dates, or whatever?

I could write about 80's television because I spent my childhood devoted to it. I could write about books I have read, music I've heard, or art that I am doing but, the sad fact of the matter is: I am a lump. There, I said it. I am a lump. I've been spending most of my off time playing World of Warcraft, to the point where I am currently a level 57 paladin. The only reason I don't really blog about that is because I am a big enough nerd already; I don't want to put any more nails in that coffin, even though it is a certainty that the nerd question is probably already dead and buried. So, that leaves me with nothing really interesting to say. I'm pretty sure that, at some point, I may be able to turn that around, but right now, things on the interesting front look pretty bleak.

27 March 2007
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