Checking in Again 

It is an hour past midnight, and I should be asleep already, but I felt I needed to post something. It looks like I am averaging about two or three posts a months, and in that regard, it looks like I am a little behind for the month of November. There hasn't been much of note lately that is worth a blog entry, but maybe that's a good thing seeing as the last few posts have been me focusing on what has been lost. The lack of things to talk about might force a little creativity.

I suppose I could mention some of the things that I have been working on lately. For example, in school, I am developing my skills in Adobe Illustrator, especially how to use the pen tool. The instructor says that the pen tool is the most powerful tool in the program and that he never uses the pencil tool. It's admittedly tricky to figure out, but I think I am getting the hang of it. Of course, this has necessitated my spending more and more time in the computer lab. Tonight, there was a bit of wind and rain storm (minor one), and the lights were off in half of the town. This meant that some of the street lights were also off. It made for slow going when I was driving home. It's always odd to see familiar places which are normally lighted in total darkness.

Frankly, that's most of what has been the focus of my attention for the last three weeks: doing well at school. One thing today that has consumed some thought is the dream I had the night before. I was searching through a series of elaborately furnished rooms for Emily Dickinson. Even when it had been pointed out to me by some faceless presence that she had been dead for a very long time, I continued to look for her ignoring the obvious. The fact that she had been dead made it seem more important that I find her. And, I actually did find her. I turned around and she was just there. She didn't say anything, but as I felt so relieved at finding her, I gave her a hug. I know dreams usually have some kind of an emotional logic, an unconscious reason of sorts, but this one has me completely stumped. It was something I occasionally thought about in between classes, eating lunch, or while driving home.

In any event, I will try to post something a bit more frequently than twice a month. That is still my goal. Whether or not I manage to achieve that goal is another thing entirely, but it is a goal nonetheless. Until then.

16 November 2006
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