Plans and Trips 

There may yet be one more chance for me to avoid moving. It involves a couple of well-written letters and about another week of waiting, but if I can actually turn things around rather than just talk about it, then it will be worth it. By tuesday, questions about my short-term housing plans should be put to bed. And, after spending so much time worrying about that and seemingly everything else, I am pretty sure that I will feel somewhat better either way.

Of course, I could have avoided this current pass of circumstances several times before, but for various unwritten and unspoken reasons, I didn't. I try not to be overly critical of myself, but it is hard to stop doing something that one is so accomplished and practiced at. So far, it has been like trying to un-bake a cake. At this stage of my life, I think I am beginning to truly appreciate the importance of honest and sincere emotional support, both the giving and receiving of. Although I am far from perfect in either regard, I have learned that it is okay to ask for it when you need it. I tell myself it is okay "not" to chain myself up in guilt so much.

Depoe Bay

The holidays were rather nice, but the best part were the few days that I spent at the beach with a friend. The picture above is from our second day at the coast. Shortly after taking this picture, we could see the spray plumes of a pod of whales several miles out in the calmer seas. We did not see any sea lions during this trip, but there were a couple of nice walks on the beach that I enjoyed as much. I did not take many pictures, but I am glad of the few that I have.

11 January 2006
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