Notes on Progress 

Today is the day that I finally resolve some long standing difficulties with financial aid. I'm 95% sure everything will work out okay, but I am still a little worried about it anyway. After months of living on the edge with respect to bills, I am really looking forward to getting a little ahead. I am reminded by Foghorn Leghorn's observation that "two half nothings is a whole nothing," but nevertheless I remain hopeful.


The above picture should give some idea as to what I have been busy with lately. Monday is a full day from morning to night: two graduate seminars plus an evening meeting at the Baha'i Center. This past tuesday, I recuperated a little bit from some previous overwork, but now, at Thursday, I feel refreshed enough to be completely back on track. Even though it is still the third week of the term, I am going to start working on my seminar paper now (as in this week), which means I am going to be spending more time in the campus library than anywhere else. I usually waited too long to start writing, so now I am taking an early-bird approach in an effort to climb back on top of the mountain of work I have been stuck under for the past few months. Right now, I feel grateful for the second chance at doing a good job at school and work hard not to screw things up again.

13 October 2005
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