My Girlfriend 

I have a lovely girlfriend that I have had for over four years. I do not talk about her much on the blog, but I am thinking I should change that because I need to let everyone know how great I think she is. I don't say it enough, but I really do think that she is the best thing in my life, way beyond anything I ever do or say here. In a way, it is almost as if she is too important for a mere blog. I should be carving how much I love her in the sides of mountains.

When I moved to go to school at my choice of schools, I made a mistake. I forgot to really think about what the choice would entail and how it would affect my relationship. I did not talk about it enough with my girlfriend at the time, nor did I really take seriously all of the implications that I was even slightly aware of, let alone the ones that were staring me in the face. The faith that she put in me I took for granted when I forced her to follow me in order to save our relationship. I did not recognize just how much of a sacrafice she was making in order for our relationship to work. I just expected that she would be with me and somehow everything would work out. Of course, I did not think about it much since then.

However, I have been thinking about it quite a bit now, and I have to say that it has meant a lot to me personally that she has decided to turn her life upside down to be with me. Would I have been able to do the same? I would like to think I could, but to say that on a blog might imply that I fully do not understand all of the various sacrifices that were involved with that decision. I am afraid I would not be able to. I am not used to being with another person and making decisions that are unselfish.

Therefore, with all of this in mind, I would like to say that: my girlfriend is an amazing person who has made my life better for being with me. I love her very much and I do not tell her that often enough. I will try not to take for granted as much as I have had in the past. And, I will do something that shows her how much I love her by showing her how much she means to me. No matter how long it takes, I will honor her sacrifices by showing her how I would do the same for her.

01 November 2004
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