Not a Photo-Blog: Part II 

Happy fourth of July! After a slow start in the morning trying work out some various Internet issues, I got in my car and returned to the office to work on my paper. I am currently sitting in the ugly orange chair from a previous picture of my cave-like office. I am just taking a very small break from my paper to report to any readers I have out there that I am still around, but just not as able to post because of the work. Therefore, as time is short, I present another picture:

The Burden of Books Posted by Hello

This picture is of the books that I have stacked on my desk right now. Soon, I will have to clear them off, as I may be reassigned a new office for the fall. I really shouldn't be spending so much time here, especially on the holiday, but I've been a grouch lately and a real pain to those around me. I'm sure that they need the break. And I really have to get this paper done. Therefore, right now I'm going to turn to another stack of books similar to the one pictured, reopen my word processor program, and like an alaskan sled dog, continue to mush.

04 July 2004
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