Work Continues 

This is the real crunch time for me. Despite some personal problems, I really need to finish up the papers that have been dogging me for the last several days. According to a letter I just received, I may only have until the middle of August. Things may not be as bleak as I once thought, but they are definitely as serious. Nothing is really guaranteed. So, as work still continues, I figured I would post a picture of the place where I will be spending most of my time during the next several days: the library.

The Library Posted by Hello

The library is a decent enough place with some good places to study, although I prefer working in my office because there is usually less people. However, according to one of the professors here, the library is where all graduate students should live in order to do the research that is required of them. For undergraduates, he says that since they should learn how to love reading, their time should be spent in a comfortable chair or study space. If I had to do graduate school all over again from the beginning, I would do so many things differently. But things being as they are, I suppose that the only thing to do is to immerse myself in work and stay immersed until it is done, even if I feel like I am drowning.

25 June 2004
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