Not a Photo-Blog 

This is not a photoblog, I promise. I am still planning on writing more entries and having more things to say here, but as I am busy working on projects for school, I figured that taking about ten minutes to make another post would not hurt anything. I need a bit of a mental rest. I also figured that I need to let the blog readers know that I haven't disappeared somewhere into the aether known as cyberspace.

My Building! Posted by Hello

My Desk! Posted by Hello

The first picture is of the building where I spend the majority of my time away from home. In fact, this is pretty much the view I have when I am walking from car in the parking lot behind me, towards the desk which is the focus of the second picture. My desk happens to be the one with the orange chair. If it doesn't look comfortable, that is because it isn't, but as I have said before, the office is a good place to work because it is relatively free from distractions and not nearly as crowded as the library. Until next time!

30 June 2004
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