Chicago Dreamland 

Okay, it's just before breakfast on a Saturday morning, and I thought I would take the time to post something here real quick. I haven't been blogging much lately, but that has been more the result of circumstance and less of desire. My classes have been pretty good lately, and I'm actually finding the content interesting. Thank goodness it's spring because I'm looking forward to the break in the summer.

So, to make this an official blog, I suppose I must relate the mandatory dream-I-had story. I was in Chicago. Someone had given me a video camera to film one of those true life stories. It was apparently something of a documentary. Of course, as dreams have their own logic, I'm suddenly in a mob that is chasing someone down a hill in town. He's riding a bicycle, but then he turns to shoot at us. As he does so, he falls off his bike and tumbles on the ground. Next, I'm on an impossibly long bridge looking out over the city above a river. Everything is in sepia tones. The view I have is completely filled with buildings with hardly a space in between. That's it. Weird. Boring, but weird.

01 May 2004
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