Wherefore Art Thou Varnoon? 

My jumpdrive remains a useless piece of plastic, and the letter that I was expecting from Varnoon still hasn't arrived. I almost wished he promised to call me as I would have immediately recognized the classic kiss-off sooner; The variation "I'll send you a letter" threw me. When I have time away from homework, I'll try reaching him again online.

Furthermore, I just recently found out that my membership to a local fitness club was inadvertently cancelled. This cancellation occurred without my knowing about it for three months due to their computers being b0rked and my not exercising a single time during that same period. Thinking that I didn't have anything to worry about since I originally had an electronic funds transfer (EFT) set-up, I finally noticed I was not being charged when I checked my bank statement more closely than usual. (My normal method consists of looking at the balance and saying "Yep, there's still money in there. Good!") Obviously, as one can see, I'm not a fitness nut. In the face of crushing seminar papers and my winter classes, fitness was not a priority last term, but that is something I hope to change.

Frankly, it is a little hard not to feel like this guy sometimes. Thankfully, the problem with the fitness club has been resolved. Although it took wrangling with the aforementioned unwilling technological computer beasts, I was reinstated without too much hassle. The operations manager for this particular club eventually convinced HAL to reconsider his earlier refusal. I can, once again, look forward to working off all the accumulated Big Macs of my errant youth comfortably lodged on my belly. Now, all I need to is to hear from Varnoon.

01 April 2004
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