Khan and the Television 

Most of my teenage years was spent in front of a television catching up on all of the pop-culture that was available during the early and mid-eighties. I'm sure that I have seen almost all of the episodes of the Twilight Zone, Gilligan's Island, Lavern and Shirley, Good Times, Three's Company, WKRP in Cincinnati, and most of the lineup that currently runs on the TV land cable channel. However, my absolute favorite show was Star Trek the original series. Like most teenagers, my imagination got the best of me, and I was captivated by Mr. Spock, Bones McCoy, and Capt. Kirk. Yet, I'm not a trekkie; although if life had been different and my connection Star Trek had been stronger than the other shows, I might have been.

Recently, AMC has been repeatedly playing Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, I had occasion to watch it again. With this latest viewing, I was surprised by how the movie has aged, and how well Ricardo Montalban did in this role. He definitely makes a good bad guy. All of this is a long way to get to another recent discovery of mine on the internet: Capt. Kirk's anger at Khan Noonien Singh for being maliciously marooned within the caverns at the center of a lifeless planet. It's hard for me not to be amused by this.

26 April 2004
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