Feeling Great 

If I could feel as great as this guy, I'd never have to worry about falling behind deadlines, earning money for the future, or even getting out of bed in the morning. In fact, I'm now nearly 100% certain that the line "I feel great" is probably going to annoy the heck out of my friends and family as it has recently become my official motto. Corn-ball as I may be for saying so, this guy has just become my personal hero.

Seriously, I'm always surprised at how feeling great has more to do with attitude and perspective than most routine physical circumstances. For instance, if I've got the "blahs," or happen to be a bit discouraged about something, usually because of work, a concerted effort and the decision to feel good is sometimes all it takes. Bob Marley's song about three little birds helped me out for awhile, but time and repetition has caused it to lose some of its luster for me. Now, I'm going to try to fix the aforementioned nutrigrain guy permanently into my subconscious as an object lesson for feeling good. Normally, I'm not one for commercials, but this thing really cracked me up.

10 February 2004
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