Second Blog, Second Chances 

This is my second attempt at a blog, and as such, I've decided that I would try out some of the other free blog services that are out there. For example, on my first blog I have used GoStats, but on this blog I am going to try out Sitemeter. Eventually, I am going to have a comments system installed on the blog. I've tried enetation and now I'm going to try something else. We'll see what happens in the future.

As for this blog, I think that the most appropriate use for it will be trying to write creative non-fiction essay, each blog entry being a complete piece. I originally intended for my first blog to be just such a thing, but what happened instead was that I spent over time I included more and more personal information, which turned it into a full-fledged journal in the classically autobiographical sense. Maybe in the future, the two can work in tandem. Maybe not, as for right now, this blog is not quite ready for official launch. I'm not sure what links I want to include, or what my methods are going to be. I hope the future will be bright, but we shall see. All ready, I have to say that I like the physical look of this thing. Not too shabby for guy who doesn't know what the "H-E-double-hockey-sticks" he is doing, but of course 3/4 quarters of the programming credit goes to Blogger. They produce the code; I just tinker.

16 December 2003
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