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I haven't posted much lately, but that is because I'm still working on my papers that I haven't yet finished from the previous term. I'm just about finished with the first paper, and soon, I will be going to the library to start on the second. I believe that once I get this paper done, a paper that has been dogging me for months, the others will go much more quickly. The most difficult thing so far about this first paper has been getting the argument right. I think of it like an old wind-up watch--just when I think I have the first mechanism set perfectly, the other mechanisms twist slightly askew. The minutiae of the work can be frustrating, but I'm sure once it is perfect, I'll finally have the sense of accomplishment I am striving for.

The Library Again Posted by Hello

Aside from my unfinished papers, it has been inordinately hot around here lately. Everyone has been staying up later and later. Tonight, we heard people outside playing with their children at 10:00 p.m. Good Grief! Whatever happened to curfews. Of course, we could also smell their barbeque, which caused a small measure of envy on our part. I suppose that not having BBQ is actually a good thing because, as I have spent the majority of my time behind a desk lately, I haven't gotten much exercise, but as these things goes, my appetite remains at the usual levels. Consequently, my adult male belly has been gently growing outwards with a satisfied reach over my beltline. One of the many goals that I have for the summer is to work out more and to try and get more exercise at the gym. To that generalaim of being more healthy, I have been taking the four flights of stairs up to my office instead of using the elevator in my building. Mind, when I do so, I usually have a twenty pound backpack on and am carrying about ten pounds in the other hand (a laptop and lunch). However, this stair climb may have to stop for the next couple of days. It's hard to concentrate in a hot office when you're a little winded and your shirt is drenched in sweat. Thankfully, as it is summer, none of my officemates have to endure the unique aroma of an out-of-shape coworker.

17 July 2004
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