Angry Bear Comics 

As everyone who reads this blog has heard lately, I am struggling with getting a bunch of work done. Frankly, the pressure is getting to me, but as my last post indicates, I am still trying to tap into the Hero energy and fight through my dark moments, to vanquish Grendel and his minions bare-handed. However, not all of my work involves chaining myself to an office desk so I can type. Some of it involves thinking and digesting the material I am researching. Thus, while thinking about the way Victorians considered the concept of race, or how their concepts of science influenced them (for example), I have returned to another love: drawing. Of course, I can't draw anything terribly elaborate or complicated because that takes another kind of thinking. Thus, I turn to the comic form, a form that lets one draw without thinking too hard while doing it.

Pretty much since the inception of this blog, I have included a link to PvP and Kevin and Kell, cartoons that at one point in time, could only be found on the Internet. I have spent months faithfully reading them, just as I would faithfully seek out the Sunday comics section every weekend as kid reading the paper. However, this is not some kind of weird obsession, just an easy entertainment that distracts when one needs distraction.

When Blogger has introduced there new blogging improvements and released software for posting picture on the web, I began to think to myself: "Hey, how hard can this comic thing be?" (On one level, I am sure it is as hard as you want to make it.) Wouldn't it be fun to see if I could write and draw comics on my own? Therefore, with a few spare minutes doing some after dinner drawing, and a little more tweaking of HTML while watching Late Night with Conan O'Brien, I have created Angry Bear Comics. Don't expect too much. I have taken the position that this is an experiment that just might lead to an enjoyable hobby that helps me de-stress when I need to. Enjoy, if you are so inclined visit, and be sure to leave a comment when you do.

24 July 2004
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